A short heart advice


A short heart advice

from a friend




Do not waste your energy to make friends, make friends with your own nature instead.

Do not chase after worldly things – they are like a mirage.

Do not aim to achieve something, since you already have everything you need.

Make a habit in your life to see all phenomena as internal.

Have the courage to go beyond limitations.

Do not stop even when the wind blows against you. *

Know in your heart that the supreme treasure is the ability to meditate.

Remember the infinite benefits of meditation for yourself and others.

Do not show the path to others, instead inspire them to find it themselves, through your own conduct and actions.

While keeping in your heart the connection to the supreme master, be always content in every situation.

You do not need fears and hopes, you can let go of them completely.

Tread the path lightly, this is my blessing.


* This concerns specifically not following the opinions of others and travelling your own path instead.

This simple and profound advice was received by a Dharma friend from Tibet on the occasion of attaining the most supreme accomplishment. It was written down by me, Ivo. May it be auspicious!