Easy Steps - a teaching by Guru Padmasambhava


Easy Steps


A teaching by Guru Padmasambhava, from the “Primordial Space of Samantabhadra” practice cycle
(published with the permission of the treasure holder)




This is a teaching which is easy to practice in everyday life and it’s key point is intention.

To create favorable circumstances for yourself and others first purify your intention. When you wake up in the morning, let this be the first thing you remember – the intention to benefit all beings. Make it so strong that it stays with you for the whole day. In order to succeed, remember your teacher – this will point you in the right direction.

While you are still able to move, be grateful, remembering again and again that you still have the opportunity to practice. While you still can see, hear and think, rejoice and value the opportunities which arise as something you have dreamed of, not as something which comes by default.

Everything you get every day, like food, water, light and even the most mundane beautiful scene, the air you breathe, the earth you walk upon, the clothes you wear, the people you talk to, the opportunity to work and rest – everything to the smallest detail – value them as rare treasures and constantly offer them inwardly to the teacher. Know that you can never overdo your wish to please the teacher, but make your actions skillful.

Dare to look each of your fears in the eyes – this is the key to complete freedom.

Aim to recognize others completely, to understand them with your heart. Even this would be enough and will make you useful.

Hesitations are for those who are not ready to walk on the path, so be determined. It is better to make a mistake, than to be paralyzed by fear.

When you feel utter desperation, pessimism and hopelessness, sit with palms and heels touching the earth and rest, while contemplating your breath. This way you will regain your strength.

Do not try to guess what will happen, since every guess is linked to hopes and fears. Just develop the mindset to accept all that comes.

If you follow your conscience you will always be ready.

Do not place much importance on attachment to friends and enemies – they transform like a magical show. Instead, always wish the best, for each and everyone, from the depths of your heart.

Do not try to change others or the world, since the only possible change is that which comes from within.

Explore unknown territories – this will prepare you for death.

As an exercise, imagine from time to time that everything you know is in fact wrong.

Know that everything you cling to is in the process of disintegration, so do not waste time and energy for insignificant things. Get to the essence by exploring inwards – this is the only really important thing.

Know that you can not repay the kindness you receive from others – it is not an exchange currency, it is one-way, and priceless. The only thing you can do is to show kindness yourself.

No matter how it looks like, you are in fact alone in all your decisions and actions. Know this and take responsibility.

Freedom is not finding a comfortable hideout, so do not seek comfort.

When you stop grasping and looking for comfort, the genuine relaxation will bring you indestructible bliss.


May all be auspicious!


This advice was given by Guru Rinpoche as part of the Primordial Space of Samantabhadra treasure cycle. It was written down by Ivo.