Eight Pieces of Advice

Eight Pieces of Advice

by Lama Ivo 

1. Know that you are on your own – in the most fundamental and raw way.

2. You have no time – while you get distracted your life slips through your fingers.

3. Your children need to know the truth – about impermanence, death and the widespread madness.

4. Help each other find genuine spirituality – this fleeting opportunity is invaluable.

5. Meditation is VERY important – do not force it.

6. The first signs of success are disillusionment, melancholy, clarity and a gentle heart.

7. Ultimately, there is absolutely no need to look outside – it is all in your own mind.

8. In the reversal of perception there is a door – go through it. When you do, do not be afraid to let go.


Written in Mexico by Ivo in the spring of 2013. May it be easy to follow!