Observation without observer

A note by Lama Ivo
During the transmission of parts of the “Primordial Space of Samantabhadra” I made the request for a very simple, yet profound practice, which can be done by anyone and which can be disseminated freely. In reply, Guru Rinpoche gave this straightforward and very short method. Although the words are simple and easy to understand, the practice itself, if done properly, is very profound. Please don’t underestimate it.


Observation without observer

A short preliminary practice, extracted from the “Primordial Space of Samantabhadra” practice cycle
(published with the permission of the treasure holder)

 Observation without Observer

This should be practiced with a light attitude, joy and sense of humour. Do it only when you feel well and never force it.

You sit relaxed, in a quiet and pleasant place, letting all the speed subside. Just sit and observe for a couple of minutes. When you feel calm and light, say the following, with the soft power of intent:

Luminous awareness,
root of my mind and world
dawn with all your splendor!

Immaculate with no limitations
seeing boundless goodness
may I rest in fearlessness.

Then you keep sitting, light and relaxed, and start to observe with your inner eye behind every thought, every word, every image – behind everything which can appear in the mind or the world outside. When you find something, you immediately ‘take a peek’ behind it, you try to find if there is something behind it. You keep doing that as long as you can.

If done properly you wil find that you relax more and more. The aim is to do it in such a way that this special relaxation comes. When you start to feel it unmistakably, you can either continue and get deeper, or just let go of everything and rest.

When thoughts arise again, you either dedicate the merit (if you are a Buddhist practitioner and know what this means), or you just take another couple of minutes to look honestly at your motivation to do the practice.

Many people need this practice at this time. It has been given with the special blessing of Guru Rinpoche, for everyone.