Rainbow Reflections in the Dewdrops

This teaching is meant for practitioners who have been on the Vajrayana path for many years, studying under the guidance of an authentic teacher. There are many hidden points and practices which are explained only in the commentary, which is not included here. This teaching is not suitable for beginners and can lead to misunderstanding and confusion.
If you have no serious Vajrayana background, do not assume that you understand what is written here. Instead, seek the guidance of a qualified teacher.

If you have been practicing the Vajrayana path for a long time, have practiced the stages of kyerim and dzogrim and have received from your masters the key instructions on Dzogchen, you may request the companion commentary to this teaching, which is also part of the treasure cycle. The only way to do this is to contact Lama Ivo directly through his Facebook account.


Rainbow Reflections in the Dewdrops

 Some key instructions on advanced Dharma practice given by Guru Padmasambhava,
from the Primordial Space of Samantabhadra practice cycle. 

(The Root Text)


Homage to the Precious Guru!

This is what has been explained:

When you reach stability and the foundations have been well laid,
it is time for a plunge into the nature of reality.

The absence of self is not mere emptiness,
the perfect clarity will shine through the understanding of selflessness.

To do this you need energy, flexibility, childlike openness, fearlessness and inspiration. Perfecting these is of key importance.

[The key instructions on energy]

As for the aspect of energy, be mindful in your conduct, speech and mind.


Regarding conduct – move through your life and world with the perfection of a cat.
Conduct your activities with the perfection of a skilled craftsman.
Realize phenomena with the essence of dream images.
Know that nothing has implicit meaning or purpose.
Do not place any importance on the kaleidoscopic visions.
In this way every movement and activity becomes expression of natural perfection.

When alone at an isolated place train in liberating your conduct, alternating active movement and rest.


Regarding speech, learn silence.
Train to hear the silence in sounds.
Be sparing in talking but learn the moments of free flow
Aim to see that the nature of mantras, sounds and words is the same.
When emotions arise, allow them to move freely.
Release laughter.
Use the energy currents to clean the pathways.
Observe their natural movements while the body cleanses itself.
Do not try to stop them, hold them, change them or alter them in any way.
Since in nature they are pure and self liberated, if you perceive them as enemies the dakinis will turn against you.

When alone at an isolated place, train in liberating the speech, alternating dynamic sound, silence and rest.


Observe the arising and dissolution of thoughts, rest in the space between.
Without looking for faults or imperfections in the flow of mind, realize the ceaselessness like a bird’s flight, wind and river.
To identify with a thought, emotion or action is like trying to catch the river or wind.
Resistance is futile.
Do not try to stop the mind, do not regard it as an enemy.
To reach the essence, first make friends with yourself.
Then know that there are no enemies outside.

At the end, relying on unconditional devotion, following the perfect teacher, the door to the great secret will be open.

Discern correctly what to apply during the three stages.
The first stage is discovering one’s own condition.
The second stage is laying the foundation and developing intellectual understanding.
The third stage is the leap itself, which relies on devotion only.

[The key instructions on Flexibility]

In order to perfect flexibility, study your habits of conduct, and every day, for short periods, go against them.
Do things you have never done before.
Become proficient in things which go against your temperament.
This way, make holes in every identification.

In the morning, while it is still fresh, look at the sky and breathe in it’s vastness.

Use your breath to go into different modalities.

The same way the dreams of the past are free from existence, your own past is free from existence. So understand that you are free to change direction.

Use every situation to undermine your assumptions.

Imitating the movements of animals, keep your body and mind flexible.

In short, do not stay prisoner to ideas and always be mindful, which will help you undermine.
Perfect the technique of mingling your own mind with phenomena.

When falling asleep, listen to the inner voices without following them or giving them meaning.
Let them pass by like a river while keeping alert.
Your mindfulness will effortlessly infuse your dream state.
When you perfect your wakefulness during the dream state, transfer the dream state into your waking life.
You will achieve the joy of freedom and the realization of the illusion-like existence. 

[The key instructions on childlike openness]

Remember that you have no idea which situation will bring understanding.
Therefore go into each one with the curiosity and zeal of an explorer, who does not know what he will find.
Be always alert, for you do not know where the treasure lies.
Treat each direction with equal respect, without underestimating anything, and without assumptions of worthiness or worthlessness. 

Follow the inner joy of seemingly meaningless actions.

Study thoroughly and whatever the result, accept it as a supreme reward.
This way you will achieve two things: you will not miss the realization when it occurs, and you will stay fresh.

[The key instructions on fearlessness]

Understand that everything has already been lost, so there is nothing to lose.
At the same time everything has been gained, so there is nothing to gain.
So all hopes and fears can just be included in the experience of nostalgia, which points to the truth.
Do not try to change them, face them with the readiness to die honorably, as someone who knows that death is inevitable.

Be so uncompromising with yourself, that you never have a place for regret.

Perfect the sigh of the warrior who is standing on top of the hill, leaning on his spear, looking at the endless army of the enemy before the battle.
This way you will not lack the strength that you need.

Never count on anyone taking care of you, while at the same time, with endless loving kindness, take care of and protect every living being.

Act with the humbleness of someone who knows that he is going to die – this way you will always be ready for everything.

[The key instructions on inspiration]

At each and every moment, celebrate in your heart the supreme accomplishment, knowing that it has never been apart.
Perfect the supreme aspiration and earnest wish that all beings rest in the natural state, while contemplating always their endless goodness.

Cherish in every moment the indestructible presence of the master.
Bring forth unfabricated joy at his unique qualities.
Keep the connection sacred, as realization does not come from words.
Embrace the unattainable, following his instructions.
There is nothing to miss, so don’t try to grasp.

Do not forget generosity, as it is the way to openness.
Nourish your inspiration like a flower.
Remember your teacher’s presence, his playfulness, his freshness, his genuineness, his vastness, his truthfulness and total openness.
If you can see these, you will always be light, inspired and the path will not burden you.

Do not look in many different directions, as one thing alone is enough for the result to arise.

There is no need for many words, as the absolute teaching is not in words. Nevertheless, these short key instructions carry supreme blessings, so keep them in your heart.

May all be auspicious!


Additional remark by the Precious Guru:

During these times of decay, inner and outer, to all of you who are desperate, losing faith, tired, filled with hesitations and doubts, who lack devotion and pure perception and are burdened with heavy thoughts, as an expression of her endless love, the incomparable Mangadarva, due to her special vows, will bestow the supreme blessings. This will be true for anyone who supplicates her.




This teaching has been taught by the peerless Guru Padmasambhava as part of the Primordial Space of Samantabhadra treasure cycle, to benefit long time practitioners on the path of Vajrayana and Dzogchen. It has been written down by Ivo, on the auspicious day of November 2-nd, 2013 in the Yucatan jungle of Mexico. The teaching is in several parts. This is the root text of the profound key points. There is an additional pith commentary, which explains the hidden meanings and connected practices, and which is also the speech of the Precious Guru. It can be requested by those who are actively engaged in practice.