The Play-Blessing of Yudronma

The Play-Blessing of Yudronma

a prayer extracted from “The All-pervading and Piercing Energy of the Dakinis” practice cycle

(published with the permission of the treasure holder)

Dorje Yudronma


From a mother who can only give the best for her only child, this heart-essence blessing and invocation appeared:

Self appearing from clarity
Uncreated by nature
Dynamic like thunder
Imperceptible like space
Display your splendor for me
And grant me your blessings!


Note on the application by Lama Ivo

This invocation is linked to oral instructions for personal practice at a very advanced level. However it has been blessed by Dorje Yudronma as a stand-alone invocation as well, for wide dissemination. It can be used by anyone, in any circumstances. It will invoke the heart-essence blessing and nature of Dorje Yudronma as nothing can hinder her activity if she is supplicated by it. It is very difficult for me to explain the power of this prayer.

You say the invocation once, and then you relax. You can do that many times daily, in hard circumstances, in any kind of circumstance, when you or someone else is dying, etc. The fear will subside, the neurosis will disappear and all unfavorable conditions will gradually dissipate.

You don’t need to repeat the invocation – doing so would mean that you have no confidence. You can repeat it in order to reach the state of unification again and again, but not for trying to reinforce something which was not there before. If you have no confidence, just say it once and look inward, relax and observe.