Is this thing for me?

Can you benefit from this website and path?

Every spiritual path is peculiar, and most of these nowadays actually attract large numbers of unbalanced individuals. This is just the nature of the times we live in, and it is no cause of concern. However we are different in more than a few ways and there are some basic guidelines which could help you determine if this path can help you or not. Please read on:

You can find our community and this website beneficial if:

1. You are willing to work hard and go through real difficulties in order to become a less egocentric person.

2. You are really disillusioned by the moral state of the society we live in.

3. You are feeling that “reality” is more fluid than what you have been taught.

4. You want to contribute to a global well-being and balance and feel that others are more important than oneself.

5. You have had an OBE, NDE, ET or other ‘unusual’ experiences and know that there is much more to the picture than what meets the eye.

6. You enjoy giving more than taking (and talking).

7. You do not like to watch television, do not subscribe to the consensus world-view.

8. You have at any point really considered whether to involve your kids in the educational system at all.

9. You have memories of past lives or have done past life regression sessions.

10. You have witnessed repeatedly phenomena which defy conventional logic.

11. You can take good care of yourself, make rational judgements, have a good level of personal discipline and honesty.

12. You find it easy to communicate with people and are tolerant towards other points of view.

13. You can envision yourself as a meditator who would spend hours in practice every day if motivated by real signs of success.

14. You know that lust for money, fame, power over others and jealousy are the games of children and true spiritual growth is the only thing which makes real sense.

If you can answer “yes, that’s me” to the above and catch the general drift, then maybe you will find something for yourself here, and maybe we can be of help.

On the other hand, if:

1. You feel that working for a career makes ultimate sense.

2. You trust the news media, and think that our society is doing generally well.

3. You are concerned about the opinion of others around you.

4. You prefer to play safe rather than to face the unknown.

5.  You feel that all spiritual approaches lead to a common goal.

6. You are looking for stress management programs.

7. You are not sure what is best for you.

8. You take modern science for granted.

9. You feel that you are very vulnerable.

10. You have trouble following a strict program in your life.

11. You feel that you have been unjustly treated by life so far.

…then what we do may not be in your best interests. If any of the above statements rings true, please realize that you would not feel comfortable with us and other spiritual approaches may be much more suitable for you. And we mean this without the slightest irony – there are things out there which you will find very beneficial.