New Developments - Fall 2013

News Update – 23 Dec 2013


change ahead


As of 2014 there will be major changes in the way the Sky Dharma Community functions. Here is a short announcement by Lama Ivo:

First I want to wish all our friends and Sangha happy holidays and New Year. May all your virtuous wishes come true faster than you can dream!

I want to tell everyone that we will be making some changes in the way our Community functions. Our new Dharma Center is complete and functional, and our resident Sangha is growing faster than we thought. It is getting hard for me to attend to the needs of our serious practitioners and at the same time to take care of people whose practice is only occasional and whose commitment is not that strong. For this reason I have decided that from now on I will mostly help those practitioners who are settling here in Mexico and who are prepared to make a very serious commitment to the Dzogchen teachings. We will not accept beginners anymore, I will work only with seasoned Dharma practitioners and our community will open more and more to long-time students of serious Dharma lineages who request connection. The only exception I will still make is with children – I will still try to help any child with special karmic connections or abilities, if his/her parents request my help.

From now on if any beginner wants to study with us, I request him/her to establish connection to Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, attend several retreats with him in person and establish serious practice for at least one whole year, preferably more, before contacting us. Alternatively, similar practice under the guidance of some of the other major Dzogchen teachers of our time will also be acceptable, although the transition to our teachings may be harder. In any of these cases, if you wish to study with us afterwards, and if this wish is accepted, you will have to keep all your previous samaya pure.

All these changes will be reflected soon on our website.

I wish you all success in your Dharma practice!