Buddhist roots

Who are we – an overview

The roots of our community are firmly set in the ancient Buddhist lineages, mainly preserved and transmitted over the centuries in India and Tibet. Our teacher, Lama Ivo, whose vision the Sky Dharma Community represents, and the core group of practitioners around whom the community formed all come from a serious Buddhist background.  Many of us have studied with eminent Tibetan teachers for decades and we have close links to the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism and some of the most special tantric Vajrayana and Dzogchen lineages of this tradition are transmitted and practiced within the community.

At the same time as a group we chose to be independent of any religious institutions and schools and we chose not to rely on the established Buddhist traditions for justification. Our primary focus at present is a new cycle of teachings which started to be transmitted by the same sources who inspired the ancient Buddhist traditions. This extensive body of teachings requires a  new framework of transmission, free of cultural hangups and limitations. This is the primary function of our community – a culmination of more than a decade of organic development. If you want to learn more about our history, keep reading this section of the website.

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For more information on our legacy Buddhist lineages, please see: “An Account of Dharma Received“.

For more information on the new “pure vision” lineages (Tib. Dag snang; དག་སྣང།) please see: “New Dzogchen Lineages